[ English ] Instructions for updating personal income tax code when switching to new Resident ID Card

I) Update through Income-paying Organization

1. Use the HTKK software:

   – Select the “Personal Income Tax” function

   – Select Form 05-DK-TH-TCT  Tax registration declaration via Income-paying Organization (Circulars 95/2016)

2. On the Form 05-DK-TH-TCT Tax registration declaration via Income-paying Organization (Circulars 95/2016):      

  – Select: Change Tax registration information

  – Fill in the information. (In which, the Full name of the taxpayer cannot be filled in because the Tax Authority will check the old and new ID data, compare and then change the information)

3. Select Export to XML file

4. Login Website: thuedientu.gdt.gov.vn:

   – Select “Tax Registration” Tab; Choose “Submit 05-TH from HTKK”

   – Submit XML file declaration

Note: The response time is only 1-2 hours during business hours, and the results are either successfully updated or require more documents.

Taxpayer can go to Thuedientu.gdt.gov.vn: Select “Tax Declare”, then “Tax Return”/”Tax return notice” to see the returned results.

5. To check whether the information has been updated by the Tax Authority, Taxpayer can go to the following website:


II) Individual update (DIY)

1. Use Form 08-MST (Circulars 105/2020/TT-BTC dated December 3, 2020)

   – Target column: Write “Change information from ID Card to New Citizen ID Card”

   – Old and new information columns: Write the following information:

ID Card Number: ……

Date of issue: ……

Issued by: ……

Permanent address: …..

2. Submit the Application (2 copies), together with the copy of the old ID card and the new Resident ID card at the Tax authority managing the personal income tax code.