Vietnamese business partners traditionally shake hands. You might even make a bow to them.

For business meetings

Face-to-face meetings are quite formal in Vietnam, and if you’re dealing with government authorities, you’ll often get a confirmation at most one week before the scheduled time. To begin a business conversation, business partners should give each others business cards using both hands. You should carefully read your partner’s cards so that you can comprehend them and that you can treat them with respect. Don’t just glance at it before slipping it into your pocket or put in on the table. Being open to invitations to lunch or dinner following business meetings is another important point to remember. One of the best ways to develop personal relationships is through dinners or luncheons that are frequently organized by business colleagues who will be welcoming you.

Formal attire

Vietnamese people dress conservatively and professionally when they are at work. Women and men both wear suits or women wear dresses. Jackets and suit jackets are not necessary in the summer, especially in Southern Vietnam, unless you are meeting with government officials.

About souvenirs and gift

In Vietnam, giving presents and taking souvenirs is fairly prevalent. You can show your appreciation, thanks, or respect to your business partners on several times during the year and during business meetings. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on gifts and souvenirs to show friendliness.