5 interesting Gmail features that few people are aware of

For many Internet users, Gmail has grown to be an important service. But not everyone is aware of this tool’s remarkable features.

According to statistics data as of July 2022, there are currently 1.5 billion monthly active Gmail users globally. The popularity of Gmail is a result of its straightforward, user-friendly layout and several features that simplify emailing.

Additionally, this tool has some intriguing but underappreciated features, even one of which has been around for a while.

By utilizing these hidden capabilities, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM Company hope the Gmail users can enhance their Gmail experience and boost productivity at work:

Modify the email display interface

Many users who switch to Gmail from other email providers frequently complain that the UI of the service displays fewer messages per page than Yahoo Mail. The default Gmail interface includes an extra line that displays each email’s attachment, which is why.

Users may quickly alter the view in Gmail’s Settings, though. Gmail has three options in the Density menu: Default, Normal, and Tight.

The default setting for Gmail is the standard view. Gmail’s default setting hides all email attachments to make each email appear smaller on the page. The Tight option, which helps to display as many messages as possible, will totally remove the white space from each email line.

Show email Reading pane

Users of Outlook are likely aware with this feature, which enables them to view emails quickly without having to click on each one individually. The Reading Pane option in the Gmail Settings menu >>> Inbox Tab is where you can find the feature.

The Gmail inbox will then be split into two sections. The inbox list is displayed on one side, and the email content is displayed on the other. The reading panel can be placed above or below the inbox, based on the choice of the user.

Schedule send

Users of Gmail frequently write and send messages directly. Gmail does, however, offer an amazing function for users who frequently travel for work or have jobs that need continual movement.

By selecting Schedule Send from the menu that appears when the arrow key is pressed next to the Send button, users may tell Gmail when to send emails to recipients.

Undo Send

Nothing is worse than sending an email and discovering right away that it contains a typo or was addressed to the incorrect recipient. There is still a chance for you to correct that mistake, though. Users of Gmail have access to a function that enables them to cancel an email order shortly after clicking the send button.

After sending the email, the undo button will momentarily display in the bottom left corner of the page. Users can navigate to Gmail options >>> General >>> Undo Send in order to adjust the email undo time.

Sort and categorize messages with Tabs and Labels

The quality of the work will be considerably impacted by a messy mailbox. Users can save time while searching for messages, prevent losing old email information, and manage receiving messages from emails conveniently by sorting and categorizing their communications.

Users can select Expand List >>> Create New Label, give the label a name, and then click Create to create a new label.