Nowadays, in the era of industrial revolution, data entry and data processing services are becoming one of the top priority factors, which affect the success or failure of an enterprise. In fact, there are many businesses spending a lot of time and efforts on the process of statistics, storage and processing of data due to increasing number of documents and customers information. If this goes on for a long time, it may lead to a big risk of data loss.

Understanding these difficulties of businesses, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM believe that with extensive experience in offering data entry outsourcing services to support small-to-large companies in Vietnam and globally, we will provide you the excellent professional services and support.

  1. What is data entry and data processing?

Data entry is the process of inputting raw data into the computer using devices such as a keyboard, scanner, disk… to be converted into information, helping businesses to store and search data more easily and quickly.

The process of data entry and data processing requires a well-trained team with specialized knowledge, along with other requirements and additional costs such as management and training cost, building quality inspection process, equipment…. Therefore, using data entry and data processing services of DATA ENTRY VIETNAM will help your company save time and costs as well as focus entirely on business operations.

2. Benefits of using data entry and data processing services of DATA ENTRY VIETNAM

Costs: Data entry and data processing services will help your company save maximum costs instead of having to spend a large amount of money to recruit more employees with high expertise in this field. Moreover, the money spent on machinery, equipment, database systems… is also significantly reduced.

Professionalism and accuracy: The staff has been experienced with many data systems so there will always be solutions to solve the job in a fast and accurate manner in a short time.

Information security: Customer information is strictly managed, absolutely safe and be kept confidentially.

3. Data entry and data processing services of DATA ENTRY VIETNAM

Nowadays, there are many small-to-large companies that support data entry and data processing services. However, if you choose services of our DATA ENTRY VIETNAM, we will offer the most satisfaction for your company.

Using data entry and data processing services of DATA ENTRY VIETNAM is a good choice to solve difficulties and anxious problems for organizations and businesses as well as to improve efficiency in work through digitized and optimized database system.

Our data entry and data processing services include:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Invoice and Billing Data Entry Processing
  • Image Data Entry
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Copy-Paste Data Entry
  • Soft-file Document Management
  • Application Forms Data Entry

4. How does DATA ENTRY VIETNAM work?

  • Contact the customer to get the required information.
  • Synthesize information and data received through a manual data entry process.
  • Identify specific online data samples through automated process and extract relevant information and data.
  • Accurate data entry through the data entered into the software to check the validity of data together with programmed data entry devices to avoid errors at the time of data entry.
  • Check all data that has been entered and processed.

5. Why should you choose data entry and data processing services at DATA ENTRY VIETNAM?

With the advantage of owning a highly qualified, well-trained and dedicated team at work, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM are proud to be a reliable partner of many domestic and foreign businesses, including consulting service companies whose projects need to handle a large amount of data.

  • Fast processing speed, high level of accuracy.
  • Plans are carried out quickly, accurately, time-saving; efficiency in work is improved.
  • Extract required information efficiently.
  • Minimize data loss during storage.
  • The right solution to save costs, personnel… and optimize efficiency.
  • Ensure absolute information security.
  • Converting raw data into digital data that can be processed in many fields.

Choosing data entry and data processing services of DATA ENTRY VIETNAM is the best solution to reduce costs and improve the quality of business operations of the company.

All questions about our service and to receive the most detailed quotes, do not hesitate to contact us via Website – Hotline (+84) 28 6670 3100 – (+84) 937 699 913 for direct advice and support.

Your satisfaction is our success!

Best regards.