Simple and free: Recovering VssID password via virtual assistant

Now, individuals in Vietnam can call the hotline 19009068 to receive assistance from a smart virtual assistant. (Service provider fees apply at 1,000 VND per minute.)

Initially, the caller dials the aforementioned hotline using the phone number registered with the VssID account and presses 8. The virtual assistant then requests the user to provide their social insurance code. Upon successfully providing the correct social insurance code, the system will generate a new VssID password and repeat the password once. If the insurance code is not provided accurately, the virtual assistant will notify the user that “the phone number and insurance code do not match or have not been registered with the social insurance agency.”

During testing on 09 Nov 2023, it was observed that the virtual assistant efficiently responds to users’ requests for VssID password retrieval within a few seconds. The assistant’s voice is clear, with standard pronunciation, and delivered at a pace that facilitates easy comprehension and execution of instructions.