With the current technological development trend, document digitization service from DATA ENTRY VIETNAM is the most optimal solution to help companies in Vietnam and globally to effectively solve the problem of managing and storing documents.

  1. Why should you choose document digitization services?

Digitizing documents is a smart solution to help enterprises improve their competitiveness and increase efficiency in their business operations. Therefore, it is time to change from storing documents in traditional way to digitizing documents for the following purposes:

  • Save printing costs and data storage space
  • Avoid documents being damaged or lost during storage
  • Manage and store documents permanently
  • Save time in searching documents
  • Share information quickly
  • Strengthen information security
  • Improve efficiency of sharing documents to employees, partners and clients
  • Reduce operating and management costs while ensuring effective.

2. Benefits of choosing document digitization services from DATA ENTRY VIETNAM

With the criteria to become a comprehensive DATA ENTRY solution partner, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM aim to provide best-in-class services. In addition, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM always tries to make the most of the advantages of practical capacity, experience in implementing the project of digitizing documents, accompanied by a well-organized management and storage system.

  • Minimize management costs and document storage space
  • Storing and searching information becomes faster and easier
  • Different types of documents can be converted flexibly.
  • Digitized documents are easy to edit and reuse.

In this digital age, enterprises need to improve traditional processing to bring the highest business efficiency. Instead of using the old method with paper documents, enterprises should try the solution of digitizing archives of DATA ENTRY VIETNAM to minimize storage space and reduce costs. Before digitizing documents, your company may want to clearly identify:

  • What documents do you want to digitize?
  • Which period should those documents be digitized from (i.e. from 2014)? And how many?
  • What are the purposes of document digitization? (Training, digitizing process documents, regulations, internal storage, partner request …)
  • Which digitization method do you prefer?
  • What is the expected budget for document digitization services?

3. Basic procedures of document digitization

Using document digitization services from DATA ENTRY VIETNAM, customers will be assured of the service quality and professionalism in each step:

Step 1: Gather all the documents that need to be digitized

Step 2: Edit and create the digital files as prescribed

Step 3: Use specialized electronic equipment (scanners…) to convert the print data into image format (JPG/JPEG) or PDF.

Step 4: Processing data through a specialized software system, using Optical character recognition (OCR) technology (as required) and digitizing data into editable format.

Step 5: Check and compare the soft outcomes and put it into the storage system

Step 6: Through a software system and strict process to manage digitized data and hand over them to clients in accordance with regulations and commitments.

Depending on the requirements of customers, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM will offer a suitable document digitization service package.

For more information about our document digitization services, please contact us via Website www.data-entry-vietnam.com – Hotline (+84) 28 6670 3100 – (+84) 937 699 913 for further discussion and get a detailed service proposal.

(You can refer to the article about Data Entry and Data Processing Services from DATA ENTRY VIETNAM at https://data-entry-vietnam.com/news/data-entry-and-data-processing-services-for-small-to-large-amounts-of-data-accuracy-commitment/)

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