As a simple understanding, data entry outsourcing services are the leading solutions to help businesses optimize their time and costs while still bring superior business performance.Besides that, these services also create good opportunities for businesses to focus more on their core activities, which affect their own survival and development.So, what are the noticeable points when you choose outsourcing data entry services? And which supplier can be a trustworthy choice?

  1. Some noteworthy points when you choose data entry outsourcing services.

Nowadays, there are many companies providing data entry and data processing services, which indeed make it easier for enterprises to face difficulties in selecting a reliable partner. Here are some core factors you may want to consider before making a choice:

  • Information security:

Information security is the most important factor required from both economic and legal perspective. When choosing data entry outsourcing services, you should consider carefully an information security management system to ensure that your business information is strictly managed and is not illegally disclosed.

  • Data entry staff:

Data entry staffs do their job based on the data provided by the business, carry out the coding into text or numbers, check, compare with the provided data according to requirements of the business.

In order to do a good job of inputting, the data entry staff must have good health, the ability to be quick in capturing information, being careful, precise, with totally correct spelling… Therefore, your company should select a partner with a quality and highly specialized workforce. At DATA ENTRY VIETNAM, the data entry team is well trained, the processing speed of data entry is flexible and the accuracy is keen to be high.

  • Accuracy and processing speed:

In a highly competitive market, every companies want their work progress to be done quickly. Specifically, when you conduct any project, you often want to get results on schedule. But first, you must determine whether the data entry company can handle the size of your project. Having a clear agreement on the speed of work between the two parties will help you feel assured about the work progress when assigning it to a well-trained and professional team.

With DATA ENTRY VIETNAM, we always offer comprehensive professional services, fast and accurate commitment of 99%.

  • Maximize cost

Cost is always one of the most important points to consider. Therefore, more and more businesses and organizations decide to outsource data entry services. Thinking innovation is the way to find success. This is the reason why you should begin to find out information about data entry outsourcing services from now on and choose a trusted partner like DATA ENTRY VIETNAM.

2. Why should you choose data entry outsourcing services?

Our actual survey results show that:

  • 89% of those who affirmed that choosing data entry outsourcing services helped their company achieve the profit targets.
  • 83% of those who affirmed that choosing data entry outsourcing services helped their company save costs by 24% or more.
  • 70% of those surveyed said that they were very satisfied with the service provided.
  • In general, data entry outsourcing services were rated by the survey participants to 4/5 points.

As these results, we can see that the cooperation with partner providing data entry outsourcing services will help your company focus on the main business activities. Therefore, the business operation of your company will be more optimized and effective.

Understanding the changes in upcoming trends and the needs of companies, data entry services at DATA ENTRY VIETNAM will be an important key to help your company make the most of current data resources for the development of your company.

Data entry and data processing services at DATA ENTRY VIETNAM include:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Invoice and Billing Data Entry Processing
  • Image Data Entry
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Copy-Paste Data Entry
  • Soft-file Document Management
  • Application Forms Data Entry

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