It can be said that in recent years, the data entry job is gradually becoming popular and is getting a lot of attention, even for medium and large companies, because it can be flexible about the working time as well as the nature of the job does not require too much expertise. However, the data entry job is quite complex, requiring the data entry staff to have a high level of concentration and ability to coordinate with each other in the data entry process.

  1. What is the data entry job?

The data entry job seemed to be very easy but actually not so. Data entry does not stop at typing on keyboard, entering data and text into a computer. This job requires a skillful combination from data entry staff and knowledge of how to manage data on computers scientifically.

The data entry process is as follows:

  • Receive and classify the necessary information.
  • Input data into specialized software
  • Perform quality assurance as well as comply with the requirements of the project or superior
  • Perform some other tasks as required by the team leader.

Based on the job requirements and the size of operations of each enterprise, the nature of the data entry job will be different. There are some enterprises that will look for data entry staff to work as data entry accountants. However, there are also many enterprises outsourcing data entry services ( This method helps save costs and shorten the time to complete the work.

2. Requirements for data entry staff

Data entry staff are individuals who undergo a period of professional training to practice inputting (text & numbers), checking, comparing, collating and managing data. Therefore, in order for the accuracy and speed of the output data to be guaranteed, the data entry staff must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be careful and meticulous

In order to do well in data entry, the first requirement is that data entry staff need to be careful and meticulous. Because the data entry requires very high accuracy. If the data entry staff work carelessly, the consequences will be very unpredictable. Information or accounting data is inputted incorrectly, which will make it very difficult for enterprises to find solutions.

  • Good computer skills

Because the nature of the data entry job is frequent and continuous, the ability to use a computer proficiently and type fast is two of the important requirements that the professional data entry staff must have. Therefore, if the data entry staff type slowly, the work will be delayed and lead to the delay of all related work.

  • Highly focused ability at work

The ability to concentrate highly is required in any work environment. Especially for data entry staff, this skill is even more needed. The focus on work will help the data processing be carried out accurately, efficiently and also improve work efficiency.

  • Perseverance and hard work do repetitive tasks

Using a computer for many hours to enter data is easy to make data entry staff feel bored. Therefore, in addition to being able to maintain focus, perseverance is also an essential requirement of data entry staff. The impatience will cause the data entry staff to lack the meticulousness at work, easily leading to unnecessary errors.

  • Having skills in communication and information classification

Having good communication and information classification skills will help the data entry staff to easily understand the requirements from the superiors so that each data entry employee can coordinate well with co-workers to handle work most quickly and efficiently.

3. Stages of the manual data entry process

a. Double-entry: Requiring 2 employees to input data.

After being trained in data entry skills and clearly understanding the requirements of the project, these 2 employees will input data as letters or numbers independently into the system (This system is built and designed in accordance with the requirements of the project and the customer). The final step is to double-check it before handing over the work to the person in charge at the next stage.

b. Checking and exporting the complete file

After the system automatically identifies and marks the cases where the double data entry does not match, the person in charge of this stage will be responsible for reviewing the inconsistent cases to compare and adjust so that the data is accurate. This is the most difficult, complicated and important stage of the data entry process.

It seems that the task of the person in charge of inspection is not too difficult but actually this is a complicated stage and takes a lot of time. This is a very important stage before exporting data from the system and sending it to customers.

Through the information shared above, it can be seen that data entry is not difficult. However, in order for data entry to be performed most effectively, it is necessary to learn the above skills. It will help individuals and enterprises easily make decisions as well as contribute to the development of enterprises. If you have any questions or are interested in outsourcing data entry services, kindly contact DATA ENTRY VIETNAM via:

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