Data Entry Vietnam Ltd. is an independent firm in Vietnam, with the management functions and operation stability of clients being one of our top priorities. We try to offer not the general but tailor-made solutions to clients for particular project with specific requirement at any time – even beyond regular working hours.

As one of our key orientation in the future, we are providing the Outsourcing Service for Employee-Handle for foreign entities having staffs in Vietnam.

* Our Scope of work:

  • Contact with the client’s person-in-charge (P.I.C) to gather relevant information on paid / unpaid days, income (salary, bonus, allowance…) and employees’ information (email address, personal tax code number…)
  • Prepare labor contracts in accordance with client’s template under the name of our firm.
  • Prepare monthly payroll sheet which provides
    • Employees’ and employers’ contribution for Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance (SHUI)
    • Personal Income Tax (PIT) obligations of the employees to be withhold to P.I.C of the client for review, comment and confirmation in accordance with agreed time schedule;
  • Prepare
    • SHUI registration for new employee
    • PIT code registration for new employee (if any)
    • Periodical PIT declaration
    • Tax dependent registration of employee (if any)
  • Inform the payment amount to client for payment of Salary, SHUI, Union Fee and PIT; we can also make payment to Authorities on behalf of the client
  • Send monthly pay-slips in accordance under client’s template (unique password-locked if required) to the employees’ email addresses as provided by the client;

For any further information and discussion, please do not hesitate to contact us at our website Contact Tab.