The HCM City Social Insurance Agency announced the list of medical facilities in HCM City that can receive initial HI treatment registration for foreigners.

According to the Director of HCM City Social Insurance Agency, pursuant to Decree No. 109/2016/ND-CP dated 01 July 2016 and based on the fact that these are medical facilities with personnel qualified to use foreign language or qualified for interpreting in medical treatment.

In specific:
* City Children’s Hospital (only accepting subjectsunder 15 years old)
* 115 People’s Hospital
* Gia Dinh People’s Hospital
* Cu Chi Regional General Hospital
* Rehabilitation Nursing Hospital for treatment of occupational diseases
* Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital
* Trung Vuong Hospital
* District 2 Hospital
* Hoan My Saigon General Hospital
* Tan Hung General Hospital
* Vinmec Central Park International Hospital
* City International Hospital
* Xuyen A General Hospital
* Gia An 115 Hospital
* General Clinic (under Dai Phuoc Medical Company Limited).

Currently, foreigners working in Vietnam under the Law on Health Insurance are subject to compulsory health insurance and are granted a health insurance card for medical examination and treatment at domestic medical facilities.

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