If you are considering: Should we use document digitization outsourcing services to improve business performance? The answer from DATA ENTRY VIETNAM is Yes.

Instead of having to propose a large plan to invest in equipment and human resources for digitizing documents, but still being concerned about the ability to solve problems that may arise, the use of document digitization outsourcing services in current digital age is an appropriate decision to help enterprises save costs, time and ensure information security.

  1. Reasons for businesses to consider document digitization outsourcing services

Digitizing documents is an effective solution to help enterprises get closer to building a modern digital office. So, if enterprises are looking for a reason to digitize company’s documents, here are 8 reasons why businesses should use document outsourcing services.

  • Manage large amounts of data easily
  • Save document storage space and search time
  • Avoid losing or damaging documents during storage. Managing documents permanently
  • Adjust quality and add notes to scanned copies easily
  • Automatically indexing, which make information extraction process quicker and easier.
  • Improve work efficiency by gathering information promptly
  • Low operating and management costs
  • Information is strictly protected and kept confidential

2. Some factors related to document digitization activities at DATA ENTRY VIETNAM

In order to carry out the digitization of documents for the purpose of building digital information resources, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM always focus on the following factors:

Defining the goal of document digitization: This is the first thing to consider when your company starts using document digitization services, such as digitizing documents for training purposes, digitizing process documents, regulations, internal storage or as client requirements, etc.

Focus on selecting specialized equipment and digital document management software to meet the technology standards, ensuring digitization quality.

Selecting documents: It is very important, because no project can digitize all stored hard copies. When selecting documents, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM always focus on the information requested by clients such as content, language, and document types etc.

Strictly implementing the process of documents digitizing and processing: Digitizing and processing documents is the most important steps to create accurate outcomes (soft data) and ensure compliance with client requirements.

Human resources for document digitization: Before conducting the digitization of documents, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM always ensure it will be handled by staff who are proficient with technology equipment and familiar with procedures.

With the advantage of having well-trained and experienced staff in deploying and developing document digitizing projects along with well-organized management and storage systems, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM aim to be a provider of comprehensive DATA ENTRY outsourcing services for small-to-large companies in Vietnam and globally.

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