In recent years, digitizing archives has been considered an essential solution to help enterprises save up to 90% of storage space and optimize activities such as retrieving, sharing and finding information effectively. However, not all enterprises understand clearly and have an objective view of this solution. In this article, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM would like share some noteworthy contents about document digitization services.

  1. What is archives digitization?

Digitizing archives is the process of transferring traditional data types such as handwritten documents, hard copies, images, etc. into a digital format that can be displayed and stored on a computer. The digitization of archives is the best solution for businesses to store, preserve documents and flexibly convert to different types of digital documents.

2. The purposes of digitizing archives in businesses

Besides saving documents storage space and costs, the purposes of digitizing archives in businesses include:

  • To synchronize and standardize 100% of documents

Using the traditional method of document storage will create certain difficulties in managing, training, and sharing information for employees, partners or clients. However, enterprises will eliminate most of these difficulties through document digitization, which will also offer many benefits to users.

  • To centralize management and exploitation of documents

All documents related to operation of enterprise, regardless of whether they are stored at the branch, headquarter or by anyone, can be used and fully exploited after being digitized. This makes the ability to access and exploit documents quickly and accurately.

  • To extend usage time of archives of both originals and digitized copies (soft copies)

Instead of preserving, storing and backing up in the traditional way, all digitized soft copies of documents, training materials, regulations, etc. can be stored for a life-time. This will also keep originals be preserved for a much longer time due to lessened time of extraction.

3. What are the benefits of digitizing archives?

  • Digitizing documents makes it much easier for enterprises to store, retrieve, share and find information
  • Digitized data can be used more flexibly.
  • Storage space and cost for managing/ backing up archives will be significantly reduced.
  • Ability to edit and reuse data. At this advantage, it should be clearly stated that the “Ability to edit” is not editing the content of the document, but only editing the quality of information displayed such as when the document is faded, the document color is too dark after digitization, etc.

4. Cost of digitizing documents

In fact, enterprises can digitize their archives themselves. However, this will take a lot of time and the results may not as expected because it is a costly and time-consuming activity. It is necessary to balance the cost of purchasing specialized equipment and software, to ensure sustainability in each step from development, storage, preservation and exploitation as well as time for training human resources.

5. Prestigious document digitization service partner

Nowadays, document digitization is considered to be one of the most indispensable activities. Finding a suitable partner for digitizing documents is essential for all organizations. Enterprises need to research and explore information to take advantage of a reliable and sustainable partner to optimize business performance.

With the advantage from a well-trained and responsible team in the field of document digitization, DATA ENTRY VIETNAM aim to be your trusted partner for best-in-class Document Digitization Services.

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