Essential insights on Cybercrime Trends in 2024 to safeguard against

Recent trends in cybercriminal activity shed light on the upcoming targets for 2024, crucial for preemptive measures. Kaspersky, a leading security firm, has unveiled insights from their thorough research, foreseeing potential challenges for internet users in the coming year. Among the emerging trends, a significant shift is observed where scammers are leveraging search engine advertising to disseminate malware-infected websites. Previously, phishing emails were a preferred method, but now, cybercriminals advocate for the use of Google and Bing ads to promote landing pages embedded with malware, often securing top search result positions to lure unsuspecting users.

Another noteworthy trend is the growing demand for cryptocurrency withdrawal services, serving as a gateway for cybercriminals to develop malware posing as legitimate withdrawal tools, automatically siphoning funds from victims’ wallets to the scammers’. Kaspersky predicts a surge in demand for such malware, attracting cryptocurrency scammers and fostering a market for these malicious tools, fueled further by sustained interest in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and digital assets.

On the cryptocurrency front, Kaspersky experts anticipate an increase in services offering anti-virus evasion tools, alongside the continued expansion and evolution of Bitcoin mixing and laundering services. Additionally, in 2023, Kaspersky noted a notable rise in theft and extortion activities on the dark web market, with ransomware attackers resorting to tactics like extortion through blogs, showcasing successful hacks, or publicizing stolen data. Furthermore, there’s a surge in posts related to information-stealing malware, such as stealer malware, facilitating the illicit trade of stolen data for identity theft, property fraud, or other criminal endeavors.

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